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Safe, Affordable Living Spaces - in a Fraction of the Time
Housing needs come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Converted containers are a durable, affordable, flexible housing solution designed and built to match your precise requirements. Our designers and engineers create customized employee on-site housing, emergency temporary housing, backyard offices, senior cottages and more - all ready for delivery within weeks.

Whether it’s a charming bungalow for in-laws or a rugged off-the-grid hunting camp, converted containers come to you in fully-customized, plug-and-play condition - much more quickly and affordably than traditional brick-and-mortar construction, and with fewer headaches

Choose from our range of options – or ask about a special project you have in mind that we can build just for you.

Emergency Housing
Self-contained, weatherproof, and portable, our containers make excellent emergency housing for relief personnel or evacuees.
• At 8 x 40 feet, a standard container can be configured for multiple housing units with beds, personal storage, climate control, shower, and lavatories.
• Their flexibility means you can designate units as housing-only and configure separate containers for personal hygiene facilities.
• Go-anywhere portability gets needed facilities on the scene quickly.
• Stand-alone operability means you set up as few or as many as your situation demands.
• With fully-tested electrical and plumbing built in, just hook up to local power and water to be fully operational. No need to hunt for local facilities or set up less-durable tents.
Our experienced engineers also design converted containers as on-scene emergency HQs, kitchens or storage facilities.

Temporary Housing
Converted containers are the perfect solution for short-term or seasonal employee housing. From mining and drilling to agriculture - any business operating at remote sites needs sturdy, safe, weatherproof, affordable, workforce housing.
• Customized units can include beds, changing rooms, storage lockers, ablution basins, climate control and more.
• We configure each unit to your needs - always with built-in electrical and plumbing.
• Easy portability means you set up quickly wherever needed.
• Include restrooms and showers, or configure separate containers for personal hygiene.
• We can even add internal water tanks and generator hookups.
Containers also make excellent secure onsite storage for your valuable equipment and supplies.

Backyard office, studio or getaway
With customized entries, climate control, wall treatments, windows, and awnings, you get the perfect space for your home business or hobbies – without breaking the bank.
• Plenty of room for office-style configuration allows you to host clients while enjoying a workplace distinctly separate from your home.
• You can even include a restroom and lounge area.
• Set up an airy studio for art, woodworking or other hobbies.
• We link your customized container to your home’s electrical and water/wastewater lines – and guarantee inspection approval.
Design half your container for your use, and a half for storage. The possibilities are endless!

Senior Cottage
A bungalow-style exterior and a cozy suite of rooms make converted containers a perfect solution to the high cost, lack of privacy, and inconvenience of assisted living facilities – while keeping your loved one close at hand.
• We will help you design a unique stand-alone home for your senior with bedroom, living area, kitchen and dining area, bathroom, wall treatments, climate control, customized lighting, and more.
• Add features such as ADA-accessible doors, and safety items such as hand railings or soft floors to ease walking and minimize harm from falls.
• With your choice of windows and roofing, a weather-proof Senior Cottage creates an affordable, serene home environment that preserves everyone’s independence and privacy - local zoning permitting, of course.
Converted containers also make the perfect guest house or even a starter home for the young adults or newlyweds in your family!

Hunting/Fishing Camp
Make hunting or fishing on your own getaway property even better with a sturdy, weather-proof, comfortable camp that is both affordable and easy to deliver and set up.
• Include sleeping quarters, dressing areas, storage and gun lockers, showers, lavatory, and cooking spaces
• We can install on-board water tanks and generator hookups
• Full plumbing and climate control included
• Fully enjoy your off-the-grid outdoor experience while you and your gear are comfortably protected from the elements.
Talk to us about the window and door security for peace of mind during long stints between uses!


•Cost Effective Speed to Market – Start generating revenue quickly and affordably. Our turnkey container solutions eliminate the cost, paperwork, and delays of construction, delivering a plug-and-play custom-designed facility in weeks rather than months. You get to market faster than your competitors.

•Portability – Converted containers are made to be mobile. Relocating is as simple as unbolting the container and loading it for transport. At your new location, hook up water and power, and you’re fully functional immediately. Containers are easily deliverable to remote or hard-to-reach sites such as campgrounds or emergency scenes.

• Expert Engineering – Our engineer's design container facilities to the most stringent technical and safety requirements. We consult with you on industry standards, analyze your local code requirements, and provide engineered stamped drawings for local, county and state permitting processes. All of our professionally-engineered system designs have undergone a 3rd party engineering review for mechanical, structural, electrical, and fire safety and integrity. 
•Custom Design – Converted container applications are practically limitless – from commercial kitchens and temporary housing to specialized storage and portable offices. We customize each unit to your specific needs including electrical, plumbing, climate control, lighting, and air handling requirements. 

•Modularity and Flexibility - Standard sizes and built-in connectivity mean you can stack containers to maximize square footage on smaller properties or interconnect multiple containers at ground level for a fully-integrated operational setting. With a customized project blueprint, you are ready for future additions, reconfigurations or expansion.