Cultivation Rooms
Cultivation Rooms - Perfect Micro Climates for Your Growing Needs
From research to commercial applications, our cultivation rooms are custom-engineered micro-climates built to your precise specifications.

• Programmable lighting, humidity control, and HVAC mean you control temperature, lighting levels, air exchange, and humidity levels.

• Customized plumbing delivers water where and when you need it.

• You manage atmospheric variables with precision through our fully- automated central control system, keeping the environment at the optimal condition for your cultivation requirements.

• Weather-proofed and insulated, our cultivation rooms are perfect for any climate and any cultivated product.

• Roofing can be customized to allow controlled exposure to ambient air and sun.

• Our container-based system means you can replicate and expand quickly and easily.

• We can design, build, and deliver your customized cultivation room in ‘plug and play’ condition in 6-8 weeks.

• You start growing quickly and at scale, saving the high cost and headaches of brick-and-mortar construction.

Cost-effective and quickly operational, our turnkey cultivation-room solution is portable, expandable and programmable - a customized environment to meet your most exacting standards.


Cost Effective Speed to Market – Start generating revenue quickly and affordably. Our turnkey container solutions eliminate the cost, paperwork, and delays of construction, delivering a plug-and-play custom-designed facility in weeks rather than months. You get to market faster than your competitors.

Portability – Converted containers are made to be mobile. Relocating is as simple as unbolting the container and loading it for transport. At your new location, hook up water and power, and you’re fully functional immediately. Containers are easily deliverable to remote or hard-to-reach sites such as campgrounds or emergency scenes.

Expert Engineering – Our engineer's design container facilities to the most stringent technical and safety requirements. We consult with you on industry standards, analyze your local code requirements, and provide engineered stamped drawings for local, county and state permitting processes. All of our professionally-engineered system designs have undergone a 3rd party engineering review for mechanical, structural, electrical, and fire safety and integrity. 
• Custom Design – Converted container applications are practically limitless – from commercial kitchens and temporary housing to specialized storage and portable offices. We customize each unit to your specific needs including electrical, plumbing, climate control, lighting, and air handling requirements. 

• Modularity and Flexibility - Standard sizes and built-in connectivity mean you can stack containers to maximize square footage on smaller properties or interconnect multiple containers at ground level for a fully-integrated operational setting. With a customized project blueprint, you are ready for future additions, reconfigurations or expansion.


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