We handle all the heavy lifting so you and your facility can get up and running as quickly as possible.

At Converted Containers, we specialize in providing all-in-one solutions to build your external facilities and expand your business. Our team is ready to help with a full custom design and implementation of your specific building needs.
Step 1 - Get in touch
Contact the Converted team. You’ll receive a free consultation to assess your equipment needs. From there, we will identify your specific requirements and advise how best to build your custom unit. Our team will provide a quote with drawings to map out.
Step 2 - Delivery
Your dedicated Converted service team will deliver your custom unit, equipped with all of the requested specs and technology from your on-site visit. Our team will walk you through the mechanics of the unit and address any questions.
Step 3 - Support
Our team is available and ready to address any service needs as you get started with your building.  We Aim to please! 

International Service

We are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with all the capability to deliver right across the globe. Our team is ready to communicate with you no matter what your timezone is.


3501 E Illini Street 
Phoenix, AZ 85040

+1 602-314-6020