Custom-Engineered Buildings Ready on Day One.
Converted Containers Accelerate Your Speed to Market.
Rugged, Specialized Facilities- Built and Delivered..
Your one-stop solution for highly-engineered spaces such as Offices, Restrooms, Shower, Living Quarters and Storage.
Scale Your Business Exponentially.
Increase Output and add locations Conveniently and Quickly.


Our Custom-Engineered Facilities add Versatility and Save Time - Without Breaking the Bank.

All-steel converted containers are adaptable and cost-effective - a revolutionary solution allowing you to scale your business quickly and safely.

From commercial kitchens to stand-alone restrooms, these rugged containers can be configured for practically any application at a fraction of the cost, time and headache of constructing, leasing or buying traditional commercial space.

At Converted Containers, we work with you to engineer robust, weatherproof shipping containers into customized offices, storage rooms, freezers, living quarters, shower/restroom facilities, vaults, and more.

For demanding environments such as extraction laboratories, clean rooms, and hazmat storage, we custom-build and install automated electrical, climate control, ventilation, plumbing, and safety features that meet professional industry standards and local code requirements.

We can provide multiple-container solutions to meet any floor plan or accommodate expansion. Your finished facility is delivered in plug-and-play condition – no need to assemble components.
Converted Containers has Architects, Mechanical and Electrical engineers on staff to help assist in any building code interpretations that you may encounter in your build.

Converted Containers is your partner in building customized facility solutions quickly and cost-effectively, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-moving business environment.

Take a look at some of the projects we have recently completed. They range from very Large projects like Grandview to smaller projects like Washington State 20 ft.
Check back often as we are completing new projects every month.