Residential Storage Units

Whether you are a home owner, an artist or a collector you often run into the need for extra space. Off-site or commercial storage units can be costly and a bit of a drag when you need your stuff or, when you find yourself busting at the seams. Converted shipping or cargo containers were designed to not only transport goods but also, to keep items safe from the elements and sticky fingers during the journey. These solid steel containers are rust resistant, portable and water-tight and they can be painted to blend in with their location or to stand out from it (as in the case of art studios). Plus, they can be fitted with roll-top doors for easy access, ventilation systems and air filtration systems, or windows and doors.

Residential uses for shipping container conversions (outside of housing) include:

  • Classic Car Storage
  • Art Studios
  • Furniture storage – during moves, or to store valuable items when using your home for vacation rentals or home swaps
  • Seasonal Storage for Outdoor Furniture
  • Equipment Storage for Farms or Ranches
  • Feed Storage
  • Secured Tool Sheds or Workshops
  • Garage or Attic Overflow Storage


Depending on the modifications needed to suit your needs, our residential storage units can ship anywhere from three days to three weeks once your order process is complete.