Storage Solutions

Converted Containers has the solution to your storage problems. Whether for home use, job sites or for use in commercial storage facilities, containers are one of the most cost effective solutions around AND they can customized to suit any special requirements.

Individual Storage Solutions: Used shipping containers as home or tool storage buildings offer the homeowners the security they wants along with the space they need. Once delivered to your property containerized storage units can be placed on your property and provide immediate space for your storage needs.  They come pre-equipped with strong locking doors, are wind and water tight, and have a secure steel shell that is designed to resist rust, corrosion, and weather even in harsh environments.  In most circumstances, order to delivery can be a few short days.

Commercial Storage Solutions: Markets can expand quickly with new commercial storage building opportunities cropping up almost every day. Converted containers are the answer to both short and long term shortages of storage space. We can have your units to your site in a fraction of the time it takes for brick and mortar or steel construction while still providing you with long lasting solutions to your communities needs or for your business expansion. With options including roll-up doors and pre installed electrical systems and/or ventilation systems, shipping container conversions are an attractive solution – inside and out. Our 20’ and 40’ containers can be made to accommodate virtually any desired size specifications and fit together in a modular fashion. Tough and cost effective, these buildings will stick around for decades of wear and tear.

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