Migrant Worker Housing Using Converted Cargo Containers

Converted Containers

Farming is hard work. Besides huge capital outlays and days lasting from dawn until dusk, farmers are at constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature. So, when the harvest comes, you need reliable people ready and willing to maximize your yield. For larger farms these able bodies often come in the form of migrant laborers.

When it comes to sheltering your workers there are few more cost effective ways to do so than cargo containers which have been converted into dormitory style living spaces. These portable units can be configured to meet all of your requirements including simple bunkhouse, mess halls and shower and toilet facilities. They are neat and expandable, offer resale potential and can provide everything you need to care for your all important workforce.

Converted Containers can turn these units around in a matter of weeks to ensure you are up and ready when the time comes. You can see examples of some of our designs below or give us a call at (480)560-5221 and discuss your exact needs.

Happy Harvest!

Converted Containers


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