Need a Cabin? A Tiny Home? An Art Studio? Shipping Containers May Be The Answer!

Local artist Derek Donnelly opens gallery made of shipping containers in Pinellas Park. The bottom floor is made up of three containers and home to a bright, spacious gallery and studio space. The top floor, also made of three containers, is the apartment, which has a kitchen with concrete counter-tops, a large living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and an office space. The seventh container stands vertically with a display window facing Park Boulevard.

Shipping Containers have been re-purposed for housing for a several years now. They are starting to be looked at as a solution to homelessness by some cities and their availability and relatively low cost make them appealing to those looking for off grid cabins. They are also being used by artists to construct studios and even to hostels in order to provide room for travelers.

Containers are stack-able, they can be connected to make larger cabins or homes, or a single shipping container can be used as the shell for a tiny home, all you have to do is design your interior, and run your electrical, plumbing, and so on, just as you would have to do in a model you have built from scratch, and you have a tiny home that is, by design, mobile. That is another benefit to using shipping containers for your tiny home or off grid cabin – they are designed to be moved virtually anywhere you wish. While they are more readily available near port cities, they can also be found at any number of warehouses, shipping yards, trucking company terminals, or they can be purchased online and delivered to you. While more attention goes to tiny homes these days, shipping containers are still being put to use and they are one of the most versatile options out there for a variety of needs.


Tiny living is still big

From homes on-the-go to converted shipping containers, these are the home trends that reigned supreme this year.

Homeowners once again rolled out the welcome mat for the tiny home trend in 2017. Stories about tiny homes were shared nearly 1.8 million times on social networks this year, according to Buzzsumo. In fact, tiny homes are now so popular, there are starter models cheaper than some cars, along with luxury ones, too (this design comes with a jacuzzi tub!)

Beyond traditional tiny homes on wheels, tiny living came in many shapes and sizes. This beachside house was built from a recycled shipping container, while some homeowners are even taking the tiny trend to the trees. This Atlanta treehouse was one of our most popular House of the Week features of the year.

Want to test out a tiny home yourself? Here are 7 Tiny Homes For the Perfect Getaway.


HazMat Storage

Some things have to be treated with care. Hazardous waste materials are one of them. Not only is proper ventilation necessary to prevent onsite disasters, things like non slip flooring and temperature control are critical. Don’t trust this job to amateurs, our staff of seasoned professionals will make sure no detail is overlooked thus keeping you and your employees safe. Contact us today. 

Converted Containers prides itself on the ability to be versatile in delivering a product that not only meets the specifications of our clients but delivers a product that enables our clients work more effectually.

Storage Solutions

Converted Containers has the solution to your storage problems. Whether for home use, job sites or for use in commercial storage facilities, containers are one of the most cost effective solutions around AND they can customized to suit any special requirements.

Individual Storage Solutions: Used shipping containers as home or tool storage buildings offer the homeowners the security they wants along with the space they need. Once delivered to your property containerized storage units can be placed on your property and provide immediate space for your storage needs.  They come pre-equipped with strong locking doors, are wind and water tight, and have a secure steel shell that is designed to resist rust, corrosion, and weather even in harsh environments.  In most circumstances, order to delivery can be a few short days.

Commercial Storage Solutions: Markets can expand quickly with new commercial storage building opportunities cropping up almost every day. Converted containers are the answer to both short and long term shortages of storage space. We can have your units to your site in a fraction of the time it takes for brick and mortar or steel construction while still providing you with long lasting solutions to your communities needs or for your business expansion. With options including roll-up doors and pre installed electrical systems and/or ventilation systems, shipping container conversions are an attractive solution – inside and out. Our 20’ and 40’ containers can be made to accommodate virtually any desired size specifications and fit together in a modular fashion. Tough and cost effective, these buildings will stick around for decades of wear and tear.

Do you need a new office building?

Converted Containers understands that running a special event or a small business requires attention to both cost and functionality. Our converted shipping containers are the perfect solution to your needs. Our containers can be retrofitted to accommodate practically any size necessary, from small booths for administration or ticket sales to larger office suites that provide for the needs of your expanding business. Don’t waste time and money on conventional built buildings, these containers give you everything you need at a fraction of the cost and get you up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Converted Containers prides itself on the ability to be versatile in delivering a product that not only meets the specifications of our clients but delivers a product that enables our clients work more effectually.

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