Cargo Container Kitchens

Converted Shipping Containers are cropping up everywhere these days. These water-tight, secured units have what seems like an endless array of uses.  They offer entrepreneurs a quick and affordable way of starting or expanding a business. They offer artists a place to both show and store their work. They offer home buyers options galore and they give the agricultural community a way to grow, process and safely store their goods.

Our favorite use is regulation kitchens. The interior of our kitchen units include all stainless steel appliances, easy to clean surfaces, removable rubber flooring, and high quality lighting. The exterior can be configured in an almost limitless number of ways.  From a roadside barbecue or taco house to a full scale restaurant with modern lines and expandable capacity, we are capable of giving you both function and vision in a virtually unheard of turn-around time.

We understand that restaurants operate on thin margins and we KNOW that you will begin to see a ROI much faster using our units. Why? Because these units can be delivered much quicker than any conventional or modular build. They come to ready for inspection and, if need be, they can be transported to a new location that better serves your clientele. Talk about service! Plus, converted shipping containers have the clean lines that appeal to younger or more adventurous types and, they fit into small or oddly shaped spaces.

Our professional staff is trained in all aspects of retrofitting shipping or cargo containers. That means the electrical and plumbing systems are done right the first time. The interior is water-tight (remember these used to be used to ship goods over water), and we use top-quality ventilation systems to ensure air quality and proper circulation. We also think before we act. That means we consider things like ease of use, ease of cleaning and clearance requirements. We want you to succeed. Plus, we look good when you do :).